Summer Hair


Are you like me? Do you have highlighted/colored hair? Do you happen to spend a lot of time outside in the sun?

Desert dryness, sun exposure, and bleach/color aren’t a good mix unless what you’re going for is dry, dull hair. Just like you protect your skin from the harmful sun rays its necessary to protect your hair as well!

Make sure to cover your hair in a hat before an outdoor workout (talking to my slam sisters)! Wet your hair and smooth in some conditioner and braid it, clip it, or bun it before swimming and make sure to wash and deep condition after the pool. Take advantage of that relaxed summer vibe and rock those beach waves instead of pulling out the blow dryer and flat iron and save on that heat damage.

It may seem like a lot of work but I promise, by the end of summer you’ll be thanking me with those long luscious locks!